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* weighttp - a lightweight and simple webserver benchmarking tool
* Author:
* Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Thomas Porzelt
* License:
* MIT, see COPYING file
struct Stats {
ev_tstamp req_ts_min; /* minimum time taken for a request */
ev_tstamp req_ts_max; /* maximum time taken for a request */
ev_tstamp req_ts_total; /* total time taken for all requests (this is not ts_end - ts_start!) */
uint64_t req_todo; /* total number of requests to do */
uint64_t req_started; /* total number of requests started */
uint64_t req_done; /* total number of requests done */
uint64_t req_success; /* total number of successful requests */
uint64_t req_failed; /* total number of failed requests */
uint64_t req_error; /* total number of error'd requests */
uint64_t bytes_total; /* total number of bytes received (html+body) */
uint64_t bytes_body; /* total number of bytes received (body) */
uint64_t req_1xx;
uint64_t req_2xx;
uint64_t req_3xx;
uint64_t req_4xx;
uint64_t req_5xx;
struct Worker {
uint8_t id;
Config *config;
struct ev_loop *loop;
char *request;
Client **clients;
uint16_t num_clients;
Stats stats;
uint64_t progress_interval;
Worker *worker_new(uint8_t id, Config *config, uint16_t num_clients, uint64_t num_requests);
void worker_free(Worker *worker);
void *worker_thread(void* arg);