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User configuration for ExecWrap. Please review ALL items in this file, before you compile.
Remember, the security of your system depends on getting these right!
See the README for documentation.
/* Our parent must have this UID, or we will abort. */
#define PARENT_UID 106
/* Minimum UID we can switch to. */
#define TARGET_MIN_UID 1000
/* Minimum GID we can switch to. */
#define TARGET_MIN_GID 100
/* Path prefix all targets must start with. */
#define TARGET_PATH_PREFIX "/var/www/light/"
/* Default UID to switch to, if none given. */
#define DEFAULT_UID 65534
/* Default GID to switch to, if none given. */
#define DEFAULT_GID 65534
/* Require users to have pwents (i.e. entries in /etc/passwd or similar)? */
/* Allow use of the CHECK_GID mode? */
/* Use syslog to report errors */
#define USE_SYSLOG 1