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qcp is an application to share files on a local network; it
was inspired by http://www.fefe.de/ncp/.

design goals for qcp:
* offer files for "multiple" downloads (ncp offers data only for one client), i.e. "server" or "persistent" mode
* offer different sets of files (ncp can only offer one download as it uses always the same tcp port 9002)
* discover downloads via multicast DNS-SD (avahi) instead of broadcasts
* different tools:
* qpush: for simple one time push
* qpoll: polls the first "one-time" share it discovers
* qcp: gui for managing persistent shares / downloading other shares
* abilility to limit bandwidth

In order to use avahi from qt there is libqtavahi:
* Signal/Slot based avahi api
* a QAbstractItemModel

qcp offers different methods to share data (method is specified in the 'm' key in the TXT data)
* 'file'

qcp uses "_qcp._tcp" as mDNS-SD type; so to fake a share you could use this:
$ avahi-publish-service 'test share' '_qcp._tcp' 9876 'm=file'