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70 lines

  1. #ifndef GFX_H
  2. #define GFX_H
  3. #define KEYMAX 128
  4. extern int usedcolors;
  5. extern uchar mymap[];
  6. extern int screen;
  7. extern int fontbase,fontysize;
  8. extern char *imageloc;
  9. extern long map2[];
  10. extern uchar fmap[128];
  11. extern int buttonstate,buttondown;
  12. extern int mxpos,mypos;
  13. extern int pressedcodes[KEYMAX],downcodes[KEYMAX],numpressed,numdown;
  14. void opengfx(int argc, char **argv);
  15. void gfxlock(void);
  16. void gfxunlock(void);
  17. void pollinput(void);
  18. int takedown(void);
  19. void closegfx(void);
  20. void greyrect(int x,int y,int xsize,int ysize);
  21. void clearrect(int x,int y,int xsize,int ysize);
  22. void solidfetch(gfxset *gs,solid *dest);
  23. extern void dumpgfx();
  24. extern void createinout(struct gfxset *);
  25. extern void getcolors();
  26. extern void gfxfetch(struct gfxset *,struct figure *,int);
  27. extern void puttile(int destx,int desty,int source);
  28. extern void store(int x,int y,int which);
  29. extern void restore(int x,int y,int which);
  30. extern void copyup();
  31. extern void copyupxy(int x,int y);
  32. extern void copyupxysize(int x,int y,int xsize,int ysize);
  33. extern void getfigures();
  34. extern unsigned long getcolor(char *name); /* unsigned long */
  35. extern int checkpressed(int code);
  36. extern int checkdown(int code);
  37. extern int checkbutton(int button);
  38. extern int checkbuttondown(int button);
  39. extern int anydown();
  40. extern int firstdown();
  41. extern void scaninput();
  42. extern void fontinit();
  43. extern void writechar(int x,int y,uchar ch);
  44. extern void clear();
  45. extern void drawbox(int x,int y,int size,int color);
  46. extern void drawbox2(int x,int y,int sizex,int sizey,int color);
  47. extern void drawfillrect(int x,int y,int size,int color);
  48. extern void bigpixel(int x,int y,int color);
  49. extern void invert(int x,int y);
  50. extern int getmousex();
  51. extern int getmousey();
  52. extern void drawsquare(int x,int y,uchar *source);
  53. extern void colormapon();
  54. extern void colormapoff();
  55. extern void palette(uchar *pal);
  56. extern void drawfigure(int x,int y,figure *fig);
  57. extern void drawfigureany(int x,int y,figure *fig,solid *dest);
  58. void solidcopy(solid *src,int destx,int desty,int sizex,int sizey);
  59. void solidcopyany(solid *src,solid *dest,int destx,int desty,int sizex,int sizey);
  60. #endif // GFXX_H