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#DBG += -g
#DBG += -pg
CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -O2 -Wall -I/Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework/Headers $(DBG)
LDFLAGS += -framework SDL -framework Cocoa -o $@ -lavahi-client
all: sdlbomber
sdlbomber: gfx.o bomber.o sound.o SDLMain.o announce.o
SDLMain.o: SDLmain.m
bomber.o: bomber.c bomber.h gfx.h sound.h announce.h
gfx.o: gfx.c bomber.h gfx.h
sound.o: sound.c bomber.h sound.h
announce.o: announce.c announce.h
rm -f *.o sdlbomber matcher
test: all