23 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stefan Bühler 0aa2842b95 move game logic to libqnono::CNonogram 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 281109d1e4 use Marker in solver, put undo into a class 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 1c4b3a5f0d fix execMark - don't do anything if the puzzle is solved 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 3b8408f7ac marker -> image conversion 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 71e31dcc22 [solver] refactor as generic code for column and rows 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 05bccab309 qcrosspackage: remove QFile* member, leads to trivial destructor (fixing copy/assign) 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler e9c726b27e add new abstractions, include magic numbers in serialize 8 years ago
  Oliver Groß 5cb6dd6880 [qcross] some gui bugfixes 8 years ago
  Oliver Groß 608a114a05 [qcross] save paused state to savegames 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler fe3b10e35a New solver 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler c696f62534 make sure filename uses native separators before splitting 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler e3e7c8958a Add example package 'debug.cpk' 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 809728e40c Add WIN32 to cmake targets 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 0e3c60e8a1 replace simple regexp with .endsWith() 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler e99e35c8a7 restructure CCrossPackage load/save, fix qcrossedit compile errors 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 54e363d50c fix segfault when image from file was loaded 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 7a5f0ed60f Use current directory as dialog start 8 years ago
  Oliver Groß 573e2dd6b6 [qcross] added saving/loading game support 9 years ago
  Oliver Groß 627f73c31f [libqnono] proper reading and writing of package files 9 years ago
  Oliver Groß efe7150dc7 [libqnono] nonogram reading and writing from/to stream 9 years ago
  Oliver Groß 082dd261bc some test pictures 9 years ago
  Oliver Groß 8ebd6975d7 big ugly commit 9 years ago
  Oliver Groß 6aa6b59c88 Initial commit 10 years ago