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Fri Jun 27 16:31:51 EDT 2008
David Ashley
Turned on -Wall in Makefile, got rid of all the warnings. Made Makefile.osx
for building on OSX. Added some syntax checking for passing the "-m <host>"
command line parameter. Got rid of all the damage lists (rectangles on the
window that need to be updated) and instead just do a full screen update
whenever necessary.
Sun Jul 18 09:56:12 PDT 1999
Changed secondary control from ALT keys to 'b' key. On win32 the alt has
special meaning and can cause events to be dropped, so a key up event is
lost and the player gets stuck moving in some direction.
Fri Jul 16 08:23:22 PDT 1999
Finished sdl port, the sockets problem stemmed from windoze not implementing
Berkeley Sockets in a compatible manner. The program must call
WSAStartup and WSACleanup on begin and end. Also instead of close on a
socket you've got to call closesocket. This requires ugly
#if defined(__WIN32__)
sections in the code, which defeats the purpose of a nice platform
indpendent source tree. Blame it on M$.
Thu Jul 15 08:24:18 PDT 1999
Began converting X code to SDL code for portability. Having trouble with
sockets library under win32. Converted all the graphics rendering routines to
SDL, also dealt with the events translation. Under win32 the alt key can
cause stuck keys. Still no pause() equivalent, ie wait until the timer
interrupt occurs, but stay off the bus without eating cpu cycles.
No sound conversion yet.
Mon Jul 5 13:12:43 PDT 1999
Finally got around to dealing with old email... As per Christoph Frick's
<> suggestion I added his idea of a
"-m <matcher>" command line argument to
specify at run time the matcher to use.
Thanks Christoph!
I've bumped the version to 101.