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----------------- Left to do: -------------------
Come up with a better scheme for internet play, as it is any latency will
kill the game playability. Works fine on LAN though.
Figure out why matching doesn't work through a firewall...
[Specific case is 2 machines on my LAN cannot be matched by a machine that
is outside the firewall, and the firewall machine is doing IP masquerading.
Net result is matcher gets remapped IP addresses and these mean nothing
inside the LAN, only make sense when used from the outside world]
Remap movement keys not implemented.
Allow game hoster to set network game options and have them visible to players
who have joined the game.
Alternate gfx sets.
Better handling of 8 bit mode with limited palette.
Computer controlled things that can kill you.
Other bonus types that can be harmful, such as skull.
Internet play where everything is asynchronous, thus playable with a fixed
latency. As it is now slaves send to master, then master sends back to
slaves, and this data xfer must complete before the game can advance a step.
For internet this would be intolerable. I've never tried though...
Better docs, online explanations, attract mode...
Single player with computer controlled figures that must be killed/avoided.