55 Commits (master)

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  Stefan Bühler d78970d969 update openSUSE:Tools key 2 weeks ago
  Stefan Bühler 771761e70b enable buster backports 2 months ago
  Stefan Bühler ea2ba53238 Revert "update pkg.jenkins.io url to debian-stable" 9 months ago
  Stefan Bühler 52826140c9 update pkg.jenkins.io url to debian-stable 9 months ago
  Stefan Bühler 6142b79938 new jenkins.io gpg key 9 months ago
  Stefan Bühler e0d7538975 add jitsi 9 months ago
  Stefan Bühler e8e0fdc57c openSUSE:Tools 10 months ago
  Stefan Bühler 2e28210999 new corretto key (https://github.com/corretto/corretto-8/issues/209) 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler b6fbf7d6ff add corretto sources 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 9509d68a2b add laminar repo 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 93cb0f3ae4 add gitea repo 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 27f567754b fix no recommends 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 7a1db8256a add apt configs for aptitude an no-recommends 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler c516021dbe fix security repos 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 093ef6e9bc update sources: include 09- prefix for stretch, add buster, bullseye, bookworm files 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 7fc1362d8a update home:stbuehler key 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 2c029c6a24 add missing keys 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 2f0525b7e2 add rus-cert sources 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler a9eff5739c internal rus repo 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler ccc02c9970 add microsoft prod repo 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler ea1f4e3697 add signal source 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler 1264c8f122 update extended obs home:stbuehler key 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler afb60f3be0 add more debian.l.n repos 2 years ago
  Stefan Bühler cefb0a501f add home:stbuehler:lighttpd-utils stretch file 2 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 7ac3cb956b move 3rd party repos to deb822 format, specify single key instead of adding to global trusted keys 2 years ago
  Stefan Bühler c56484a61a remove oldstable and older sources 2 years ago
  Stefan Bühler f258be3598 remove subl3 2 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 02387add8b remove ruscert 2 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 410b0b4d95 add rspamd 2 years ago
  Stefan Bühler dba4a2c7ba microsoft vscode 3 years ago
  Stefan Bühler af68e081c7 add ruscert 3 years ago
  Stefan Bühler adcffce7fd gdbgui 3 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 35012b3f76 add debug repos 3 years ago
  Stefan Bühler a03454322f remove wheezy, add buster+bullseye files, rename files to include debian release number 3 years ago
  Stefan Bühler a78491e49f subl3: use upstream repos 3 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 1addec31df lumail 3 years ago
  Stefan Bühler fa9a3c24a1 refresh keys again, this time with gpg1 - gpg2 creates incompatible keyrings 4 years ago
  Stefan Bühler a52c5d2ebf refresh obs keys 4 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 6c24017acd fix 4 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 2c2e1a1928 fix 4 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 62cafd346e fix 4 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 47df31d558 add subl repos 4 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 1fc31f38ce add zfs preferences 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 3cbbed6e1d obs tools for jessie 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 356773ed4a move to lighttpd.net utils, remove lighttpd2-wheezy list 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler d88300739f moved lighttpd utils, add l2 nightlies files 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 878533d627 debian.lighttpd.net now provides jessie and stretch 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 1d28c7fec8 stretch doesn't have backports yet 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 926c5a0a31 add stretch lists / preferences 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler ad41b81604 add debian bug report link for broken codenames 6 years ago